Panda 3D for Desktop ARM?


I’m new to the forums and I thought I would ask a question about the future of Panda 3D:

Is there a chance that the graphics pipeline will be converted to run on ARM devices (via OpenGL ES 1/2.0)?

I’m interested in using a game engine to speed-up development, but would like to target ARM platforms if at all possible.


Yes! There is raspberry pi port and work-in-progress android port.

Panda3D has run on my beagle board for years. :slight_smile:

Currently, however, the shader generator does not work for OpenGL ES. This is because Cg does not seem to currently have GLES/ARM builds, and the shader generator uses Cg shaders. There are plans to rewrite the shader generator to also support GLSL, but this is still pretty far away.