Panda 3D EGG Problem

So I created a ramp model for a game I am working on in AC3D. The ramp model is pretty simple actually. I exported it as a dae and converted to egg using dae2egg. Then I opened the egg file up in notepadd++ and searched for my collision node. Once I found it, underneath groupID I put:

<Collide> { polygon descend }

I then save and convert the egg into a bam file by using egg2bam. Once loaded into the game my avatar using a gravity walker for movement slides around on the ramp object whenever I tend to walk on it.

So then I tried a level flag to the collision and it fixed the sliding problem but instead my avatar would bounce around when climbing the ramp.

Any ideas on why this may be happening and how I could fix it?

Thanks 8)

Mark, you should open the EGG in Panda3D with my Cogtown injector and add the solids you want instead of manipulating the EGG manually. After you’re done, do a render.writeBamFile(’’)

Wall mask = BitMask32(1)
Floor mask = BitMask32(2)