Panda 1.9 from source: "no module named core"

I’ve just built and installed Panda 1.9 from (if I’m not much mistaken) a recently-updated version of the source, and I’ve encountered an issue.

Having installed the build, an attempt to run a simple program (which had previously worked) resulted in the following error:

from panda3d.core import ConfigVariableBool
ImportError: No module named core

Another program produced a similar error via a different importation (in that case an attempt to import “loadPrcFile” and “loadPrcFileData” near the top of the script).

I have seen this post, but I don’t see a “” in the source directory of the first program, at least (I haven’t checked the second). I do have a few files by that name in other directories, specifically in various sub-directories of the directories in which I keep my Panda source downloads–but those should be well-removed from both the SDK installation and the programs being run, unless they’re being picked up automatically somehow.

The situation may be made a little murkier by the fact that I just upgraded from Ubuntu 13.10 or 13.04 (I forget which) to Ubuntu 14.04, doing so in-place (thus leaving my files unaffected), a process that has been a little problematic at times.

What might be going wrong, and how might I fix it?

Did you compile Panda3D without Python support? That could produce such an error.

Also, showing the output of “import panda3d; print panda3d.file” would help.

Hmm… Not intentionally, and not as far as I’m aware.

This was, I believe, the command used to build the SDK:

python makepanda/ --everything --use-pandatool --no-ode --no-physx --no-speedtree --no-ffmpeg --no-fmodex --no-maya6 --no-maya65 --no-maya7 --no-maya8 --no-maya85 --no-maya2008 --no-maya2009 --no-maya2010 --no-maya2011 --no-maya2012 --no-maya2013 --no-maya2014 --no-max6 --no-max7 --no-max8 --no-max9 --no-max2009 --no-max2010 --no-max2011 --no-max2012 --no-max2013 --no-max2014 --no-vrpn --no-fftw --no-artoolkit --no-awesomium --no-carbon --no-cocoa --no-fcollada --verbose --installer

Doing so produced the following:


Checking that path, I see that the indicated file is present (as is expected), but is both empty and alone in its directory.

On the off-chance, I removed the SDK installation, rebuilt the installer, and reinstalled it, but the results were the same.


Ah, you’re right! I just double-checked the output produced once the build is complete, and I see that “PYTHON” is in the “Omit Pkg” list. Looking further up, I see that Python, as well as a few other packages, aren’t being found–presumably either lost or removed during the OS upgrade (along with several other things)–and are simply being skipped. I’ve been relying on outright error messages to inform me of any important lacks; it seems now that I should pay attention to this new list of missing packages as well.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: