Panda 1.5 Examples won`t start

When I try to start panda examples I get
“The procedure entry point cgiGetParameterProfileObject could not be located in dynamic link library cg.dll”

Been checking file access by filemon and examples do use cg.dll from panda 1.5 bin dir.
Can anyone help me with this problem ? Thanx.

I have a hunch that maybe two different versions of Cg are interacting badly. Using filemon, have you checked to see what copy of cgGL.dll it’s using?

PS. This is a fundamental windows problem: there’s no way that I know of to tell it to use a particular version of Cg. It just searches your path and uses the first thing it finds. Usually, I solve this problem by renaming DLLs - for example, in the panda bin directory you’ll find “libpandatiff”, “libpandassl”, and so forth, to avoid conflicts with some other libtiff or libssl that you may have installed. But I can’t rename the Cg DLLs because nvidia hasn’t given me any way to do that - no source, etc.

Thanx M8 ,after deleting cg.dll and cggl.dll from my system32 dir everyhing worx just fine :slight_smile:

hopefully you did not delete them 100% because unlike panda some game put the cg.dll there and when you start it again it will be gone or different version! welcome to DLL hell :slight_smile:

I would classify that as a real serious bug in Panda3D. It’s supposed to be resistant to that sort of DLL Hell. I’m going to get to work on that right away.