panda 1.4.3 for debian

hi there, i’ve downloaded “Panda3D 2007.12.11” and made a deb package for debian lenny. Is here [0] if you would like to add it to the download section

[0] - … 6.deb.html

best regards,

btw i made it using

python makepanda/ --everything --installer

i don’t know if this is relevant

This is odd, it should have generated a debian lenny file automatically, or am I wrong?
When looking at the buildlog, I see its unfinished, does that mean it failed or it just didnt complete yet and will appear soon?

The reason I made a build that day is that somebody asked me to. He needed a windows build. So I made one.

i noticed there was a new release, compiled it, everything went ok, and i noticed there was no build for debian, ubuntu, etc, so i made one, if someone would like the latest development without needing to compile anything…

was it useless ? :confused: