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Hi everyone,

I have project my school. I have to make a simulation with 4 players (2 a team 2 b team) environment with various characteristics.

Can I do these using panda3d and blender? I will use python as the language.

Is there a tutorial you can recommend to me? Because I know very little about panda 3d and blender.

Thank you.


It is indeed possible, I do believe!

Hmm… How much time do you have?

On the Panda side, if you have plenty of time then I’d recommend starting out with my “beginner’s tutorial”: it takes one through the process of making a simple game, starting with some of the fundamental concepts involved in using the engine, through implementation, and all the way to building a distributable version.

That said, it is a little long, so if you’re short on time, you may not want to digress so extensively.

If you’re interested, you should find it here:

The tutorial doesn’t cover networking, I’m afraid–but you might find some information if you search the forum. I think that I recall there having previously been threads that were made by others who were working on networked games.

As to Blender, I don’t have any recommended tutorials there, I’m afraid.

That said, I would suggest using one of the newer versions of Blender: I’ve heard that the UI has been reworked to be more friendly to newcomers, if I recall correctly. (Blender having previously been notoriously difficult to become familiar with, as I recall.)

Can I do these using panda3d and blender?

It’s definitely possible and has been done previously. See for example this project or my own try at a simple paintball game (singleplayer only though) which is open source, so you can take a look at how it’s all put together.

I have to make a simulation with 4 players

I expect your talking about networked multiplayer and not split screen, are you?
As for the networking side, the manual has been updated not to long ago and should cover what you’ll need to know for implementing a multiplayer game. It also doesn’t really matter how many players there will be.

Is there a tutorial

As for tutorials, I’d add this book if you have the time to read it:

Regarding blender, there are plenty of tutorials out there on youtube, the blender website itself as well as other sites, dependent on how you prefer to learn. As Thaumaturge already recommended, I’d too would recommend using a recent version of blender and use this tool to export your models to be used with the engine:

@Thaumaturge I’m not really with you on the blender being difficult to become familiar with. Neither in the past nor in the present. At least not for newcomers as they have to learn any modelling app from the ground up anyways (as I had to back when I started with all this). It was only hard for those with previous experience in other applications like maya, 3ds max or the like as it tend to differ a lot which has been eased with newer versions as far as I know.

I can’t speak much to Blender’s more-recent form–I haven’t used it myself. However, I do think that I’ve heard that it’s more friendly to new users than was the old.

As to the old form, aside from my own experience–which did include use of some other modelling packages, in all fairness–I distinctly recall Blender being notorious for being unfriendly to new users, with a steep learning curve.

I am not using network. Players will play themselves using Reinforcement learning. I will simulate this game with panda3d.

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Thank you so much. I hope, these examples will be very useful to me

No. Players will play themselves using Reinforcement Leaning(Multi Agent RL). I will simulate this MARL system with panda3d.