packt beginner's guide files

Hi everybody,
I am new on this forum and my very basic question is:
where are the files for the printed book Panda3d 1.6 Game Engine edited by Packt.
Thanks for giving me some hints.

No idea what files you are talking about. You might want to know that this community has nothing to do with Packt Publishing, except a few community members decided to let them publish self-written books. That said, you could either explain which files you’re looking for in particular - maybe sample applications or Panda3D source code? Or you ask Packt or the respective authors of the book.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for positive answer.
The files were those essential to take advantage of the mentionned book ( code and overall the egg files). Following one of yours suggestions - tracking the author’s name-, I found them in a russian site(!). Nothing from PACKT publishing.