packpanda errors

I am trying to use packpanda and am getting errors. Not sure where to start looking. This is on a ubuntu maching using the .deb package. All the samples work fine only the packpanda doesn’t work.

s# packpanda --dir test
PANDA located at /usr/share/panda3d
Dir : /home/mitch/test
Name : test
Start Menu : test
Main : /home/mitch/test/
Icon : /home/mitch/test/icon.ico (MISSING)
Bitmap : /home/mitch/test/installer.bmp
License : /home/mitch/test/license.txt (MISSING)
Output : /home/mitch/test.exe
Install Dir : C:\test

Copying the game to /home/mitch/packpanda-TMP…
Cannot copy game to /home/mitch/packpanda-TMP

I’m not sure, but I think packpanda only works on Windows, since Linux doesn’t have the NSIS installer.