packp3d, pdeploy and general installer question

I have to prepare a directory (on another PC, windows) with my panda3d app (desktop app, not web) and off course all the needed dlls, etc.
I’ve been using packp3d and pdeploy, generating and installer or a standalone version.

All works fine but i’m wondering if there is a simple way, maybe manually, to copy all the needed files and create the .exe from the python code.
I guess i can generate the installer, install the app and then copy all the flies from the installation directory, but maybe there is a straightforward solution using those commands.


Sorry, for now, the best way is to generate an installer, install it, and then copy the files manually. We’ve considered simplifying this using a special “portable” mode to pdeploy, but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Ok, thanks for reply. That would be great.
In the installation directory can i delete some files (like contents.xml) or i have to keep all of them?

thanks again.

contents.xml is necessary for Panda to know which files are present and also their checksums so that it can validate them if necessary. I can’t say for sure what would happen if you removed it. You can try it, but I think most of the files in there are pretty necessary.

Ok, thanks again.