packp3d minidom [SOLVED]

I got issue when I am using standard python package xml.dom.minidom, during packp3d process :

packp3d -o test.p3d -d . -r morepy

and I got errors:

There are some missing modules: ['_dummy_threading', '_scproxy', '_xmlplus', 'java.lang']

can you help me ?

ps: from my mind in panda1.7.1 I succeed to pack minidom.

The “missing modules” warning message is often misleading and shouldn’t be given too much credit. Is there an error when you run the p3d file? What is the error?


Effectively there is no problem, in executing the p3d.

But I don’t like warnings, because you never know, if it includes a probable crash in any time :stuck_out_tongue:

OK great

thank you