packp3d issue : No SSL handshake

i am using win32api and win32con import in my project that those imports are under pypiwin32 package.
now when i use packp3d for package my project i have error. i show u some of my try command below :

packp3d -o TestGame.p3d -m -r bullet



packp3d -o TestGame.p3d -m -r bullet -r pypiwin32



packp3d -o TestGame.p3d -m -r bullet -r pypiwin32,219,


i had more try with -morepy or direct package url or ect … in commands but i have same errors.

question 1 : if i use python package in my project from python site or anywhere else how can i import those package in my packp3d ?
question 2 : is there any full sample for pdef if i want create my own package ?

Panda3D packages are not the same as pip packages. You cannot add pypi as a package source.

You’re better off adding it to sys.path with the -p flag to packp3d and letting packp3d pick it up from there. This will create a platform-specific package, though.

The alternative is that you build your own package for pypiwin32 using ppackage.

There are plans to eventually replace packp3d with a packaging system that does support pip, but that’s pretty far off at this point.

However… if you just need to make a few calls to the Win32 API, I would recommend using ctypes instead. It also has an interface for accessing the Win32 API and it comes shipped with Python, so you don’t need to mess with custom packages.

An example pdef file, for what it’s worth: … party.pdef
as well as the other .pdef files in that directory.