PackP3D does nothing

I’ve used Packp3d for quite a while now, but now when I try to compile in the terminal it does absolutely nothing. I have both packp3d.p3d and packp3d.exe in the directory; what am I doing wrong? (My friend also has this problem, hopefully I could help him too)

Which command are you running, and what is the output you are getting? Can you paste your terminal session?

C:\myapp>packp3d -o myapp.p3d -d c:\myapp


Do you have the Panda3D Runtime installed?

Yes, 1.0.4.

What happens if you run packp3d.p3d using panda3d.exe, like:

c:\path\to\panda3d.exe c:\path\to\packp3d.p3d -h

Still nothing. :frowning:

Can you run any of the on-line demos on the site?


Try adding the tag that names the main py file (-m). If the file is already called, then all you need to do is put -m in. If nothing is put after that, then the default is If it’s named something else, you would do -m I always put the -m tag when I compile my program into a p3d file.

packp3d -m -d "C:\Directory\To\Program\Folder" -o filename.p3d

Did you add the Panda3D Runtime to your PATH variable?

In case you don’t know how:
Go to Control Panel>System and Security>System and click on “Advanced System Settings” on the left tab. From there, you can access your environment variables where you will find “Path”. Add the directory of the Panda3D Runtime to it. If packp3d still doesn’t work at that point, I don’t know what to tell you.

Usually if something isn’t added to the PATH, the command prompt spits out an unkown command error.