Packaging external dependencies with pdeploy

I am using boto3 library from PyPI to communicate with AWS. What is the best way to package this dependency within a self-contained .exe (using pdeploy)? Or is it even possible to do it with packp3d?

One way I thought of is to copy all the boto3 source files and include them in my repo, but seems a bit hacky. What would be the best way to do this?

Yeah, copying is easy and foolproof. Alternatively, I think it might also work to add the directory containing boto3 to the packp3d sys.path using the -p command-line option.

We are about to replace packp3d with a new setuptools-based deployment system called deploy-ng, which makes it easier since it can automatically pick up PyPI dependencies from your requirements.txt file.

Alright I’ll copy paste then :slight_smile:

Great to hear that support for requirements.txt is coming. When is the estimated release?

Hopefully before the end of the year.