P3D Shading API?

Is there a way to turn off all shading for an object, making it completely shadeless (not responding to light)?

If you seen this type of thing before, then you know an object in 3D that’s shadeless will appear flat (like 2D).

setLightOff ()?
setColorOff ()?
setMaterialOff ()?
setShaderOff ()?
clearShader ()?
clearLight ()?

There’s quite a lot to choose from, check the reference: panda3d.org/reference/1.8.0/ … dePath.php

setLightOff() should make a model shaded ‘flat’.

None of those seem to do the trick. However… I think I know something that might work. It’s a small chance, but I’m going to test it.

I figured out what I was doing wrong now. Idiot mistake by me. :slight_smile: