p3d and python console window [solved]

If i double click a p3d file it runs with panda3d.exe(python console visible)
If i drag drop the p3d file to Mozilla then it runs with panda3dw.exe(python console not visible)

1.How do i run p3d file without pyton console window

2.How do i make that everybody who runs my p3d apps by double clicking will not see the python console window?


Would it be possible to change the default file assouciation to panda3dw.exe instead of panda3d.exe when the panda3d runtime gets installed?

People who need to see the python console will know a lot better how to run p3d files with the other exe than end users.

Also the error messages dont get logged into the log file if p3d file is ran with panda3d.exe

The default file association is indeed panda3dw.exe. Perhaps you installed a pre-release version of the runtime that had it set to panda3d.exe?

I don’t know what you mean about the error messages not appearing in the log file. The log file should be the same in both cases. What specifically is absent?


Ok i reinstalled the panda3d runtime and now it launches stuff with panda3dw. I most likely had and older version of runtime installed