Other software complaining about Panda3D (fixed in 1.1.0)

In my quest for learning Cg model shading (started here) I’ve tried to install Nvidia’s CgFX Viewer, but much to my surprise it denied installation with the following message:

Does anyone have any experience with that? I’ll try to find a workaround myself, I just thought it odd that official Nvidia tools require a much older version of Cg than what Panda3D supplies - and that the latter is found at all. Which Cg version does Panda3D use, anyhow? 1.4 seems to be the latest, 1.2 is out for quite a while longer, but Nvidia content creation tools all require 1.1…

And since I took this screenshot, I wanted to resize it - and installed GIMP w/GTK. And what do you know - their installers also complain about Panda3D, this time with the following message:

I chose not to rename the existing files, of course - but that those installers also found and complained about Panda3D is quite remarkable to me. Does Panda3D register all its DLLs that thoroughly that they’re so easily found upon a system check?

Ok, I have an update. :slight_smile:

I had some trouble with GIMP not starting up properly, so I decided to re-install it together with GTK+. Panda3D 1.05 is long gone, and Panda3D 1.1.0 (beta) doesn’t give GTK any more trouble - all the DLLs it previously complained about aren’t part of Panda3D anymore.

I’ll soon try again with CgFX View, too, so once I know more about it I willl post an update on this issue as well. Thanks a lot so far! :slight_smile:

Ah, that reminds me of another change in panda 1.1.

If you go into the panda bin directory, you can find these DLL’s:

and so forth…

no more DLL conflicts in that department, I hope. But Cg.dll is a bigger problem. I can’t rename it because they don’t provide source code, so I can’t recompile it with a new name. I don’t have a solution.

  • Josh

No worries, Josh. I guess the GIMP conflict was more of an issue for most people, anyway. Thanks for getting rid of that in the first place!

I will then write a little start script for CgFX, I guess. I’m too lazy to try that now, but I’ll write back once I have some more to tell.