OSX Support?

I’m building a Panda3D application that I’d like to distribute to Windows and OSX users. I only have a PC (Ubuntu and Windows), so I can’t test my app in OSX myself. And my Mac users haven’t had any luck yet getting my app (built with packpanda) to work in Parallels.

I’ve been looking around on the forum, but I can’t really tell what the current status of OSX development is in Panda3D. It looks like Panda3D 1.6.0 will have an official OSX distribution, which is nice, but how far away is that, approximately?

Meanwhile, I’ve found unofficial builds of various older versions of Panda3D for OSX. I guess I could tell people to use one of those, but I’m not thrilled about that because they’re older versions.

Should I wait for 1.6.0? Or is it not a big deal that the prebuilt packages I’ve found are older than 1.5.4?


Less than a week. If no further delays occur.

Try this one:
The dmg linked to was updated yesterday (also using yesterday’s CVS)

The one I linked to is exactly what the ‘official’ one will be like. It won’t have packpanda, unfortunately, though.

Cool! I’ll just wait, then; I’m not in a huge rush.

Out of curiosity, does anybody know why an app prepared with packpanda would complain about not being able to find MSVCR71.DLL in Parallels? That DLL file is in the “bin” directory of the installed program, so it’s kind of mysterious. And I can’t troubleshoot it myself because i don’t have a Mac.


Hmm, try setting the system PATH env var to point to the bin dir.
Check out this page:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Insta … in_Windows
Scroll a bit down, and you will find information on setting the PATH.