OS X El Capitan cannot find Panda-1.9.2 C++ .dylibs

Both the pre-built DMG installer and the DMG installer created from a source build have Panda3D C++ apps on a Mac OS X looking for dynamic libraries (.dylibs) at “@load_path/…/” – The loader, however, cannot find any lib images at that location. Mostly work in Xcode, but I have the same problem building & running from the command line. I’ve spent two days chasing & trying everything I could find online, but nothing worked. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm, this has to do with how we tell the libraries to find one another on Mac nowadays. It’s a bit of a tricky situation that does not have a universal solution on Mac.

The most straightforward thing you could do is put your own application in a subdirectory of /Developer/Panda3D (or move the whole thing to a more convenient location). This will make sure the Panda dylibs can be read in the …/lib/ directory relative to the location of the binary that’s loading them.

Another solution would probably involve using “otool -L” and “install_name_tool” to change the way the libraries are referenced.