Orientation of new OdeBoxGeom objects


I’m suffering some confusion about the correct behavior of the constructor:

      OdeSpace space,
		float  	lx,
		float  	ly,
		float  	lz	 

I’m using nodes in the scene graph as templates for my ode geom objects:

print 'building a box', pobject
minp, maxp = pobject.getTightBounds()
dims = Point3(maxp - minp)
print 'box dims', dims
geom = OdeBoxGeom(env.space, dims.getX(), dims.getY(), dims.getZ())

and the output is:

building a box render/end_wall
box dims Point3(26, 1, 2)

however, the long side of box does not appear to be orientated along the x
axis but the y instead. The Panda3d manual gives the arguments as length,
width and height which isn’t too clear.

Does anybody know if this behavior is to be expected or have I got the
wrong end of the stick?