OpenGL version support requirement?

I’ve discovered that my application exhibits rendering bugs when run in environments that don’t support recent enough OpenGL versions (found errors for v1.1, but not for v4.6). Does panda3d have an official minimum OpenGL version requirement? Or is there a subset of features that are known to malfunction without support for a recent OpenGL version (I see in the docs that shaders have issues… is that it)? Thanks!

Hi, welcome to the community!

There’s no specific requirement at this time. Of course, Panda does not support features that are not supported by the given OpenGL versions. Since 1.1 does not properly support shaders, or offscreen rendering, anything that uses those features will not work.

1.1 is very, very ancient. It is very hard to find hardware that only goes up to 2.1, let alone 1.1. My bet would be on a faulty driver installation if you’re encountering 1.1.