OpenGL ES 3.0

Hi everyone,

the specification of OpenGL ES 3.0 has been released and I wonder if anyone is planning to integrate it into panda3D. As far as I know it is compatible to OpenGL ES 2.0. So it is possible to use it with the actual ogre. But there are some new features. It would be interesting if anyone is planning to integrate the texture compression ETC2/EAC and ASTC (also part of OpenGL 4.3) or can I use them out of the box?

Does anyone plan any activities or has a feeling how complex it is?


That sounds good. I haven’t looked much into it, but if the API is anything like OpenGL ES 2.0, it should be relatively straightforward to add these features to the Panda source. I don’t have a device that supports OpenGL ES 3.0, though, so I can’t do it myself.