openCVTexture.h line 89


I’ve just updated my panda source code via CVS from the online repository.
I rebuild with

makepanda\makepanda.bat --no-python --no-tinydisplay --no-ode --no-openssl --no-opencv --no-vrpn --no-artoolkit --no-directcam --no-npapi --no-x11 --no-xf86dga --no-xrandr --no-xcursor --verbose --optimize 1 --outputdir DebugPanda

but I get this error :

Uploaded with

I want compile a debug and release version of panda without linux or python support (for now).

Other than tell me how to fix this would sokmeone be able to tell me if I need exclude anything else to achieve the “no-linux” build ?


solved by following this forum post.
[url]Compiling 1.7.2 on Windows]

put this at the top of openCVTexture.h which does the trick.

#ifndef HAVE_SSIZE_T 
#ifdef MS_WIN64 
typedef __int64 ssize_t; 
typedef _W64 int ssize_t; 
#define HAVE_SSIZE_T 1