OpenBlox Game Development Kit

takes deep breath

Okay, here we go:

I present to you:

The OpenBlox Game Engine/Game Development Kit! :smiley:
It’s basically a XML scene loader, Lua script runner, distribution platform, and physics sandbox rolled into one.

NOTE: This is NOT a Panda library/add-on. It uses Panda internally, but it’s not a supplement to Panda. It doesn’t replace Panda either, as it’s for the relatively small niche of sandboxes.

It has garnered more than 1,500 downloads over its 2 1/2 year existence on SourceForge! Not bad, huh? :wink:

It’s licensed under the GPL v3.


  • No 3D models, just a simple Lego-like brick
  • Lua scripts, using the Lupa library(
  • World loading from an XML file
  • The big one: Cross-platform game distribution with .zip archives

Screenshots are at (I tried embedding them, but that didn’t work :confused: )

You can download it here, for Windows, Linux (both tested), and Mac OSX (not tested yet).

Other links:

I would really appreciate it if Mac OSX users could test it out, as there hasn’t been any OSX testing yet!
Also, you’re more than welcome to join in development! (nudge, nudge :smiley: )

One other thing: This isn’t related to this.

Comments, kudos, and snide remarks are welcome :slight_smile:

Looks nice.
But what is it actually about?

I think it’s a sandbox game, like Minecraft. You can build a world on it.

Sooo Roblox!
(here for people who have never seen roblox)

A good start, kudos!
I hope to see you continue with the game.


Basically, it’s a sandbox game. You define a world with XML (or a soon to be created scene editor), and then make it interactive with Lua.

Python is available for scripting too, but the Lua binding has a higher-level API.

Yes, Roblox was the inspiration for this. I just wanted an open-source alternative, so since none was around, I decided to make one.