OpenAL Sound Library potential issues?

Hi to all,

Does the OpenAL library that comes with panda3d version 1.7.2 and 1.8.1 work properly in the following operating systems: linux, mac and windows? According to the manual:

So is the OpenAL library which comes with v1.7.2 and v1.8.1 reliable, if one is going to distribute their game on all the aforementioned operating systems? If not, which free-to-use-commercially library does anyone recommend?

Also, if one wants to allow the player to upload their own sounds to the game, to avoid any legal issues should one stick to allowing the uploading of .wav and .ogg files only and restricting the uploading of any other sound file format?

Thanks in advance.

It’s fairly reliable nowadays - pretty sure we switched to OpenAL Soft long ago, which solved a lot of our problems. Which manual page did you see that on?

You should be pretty safe using formats like .wav, .ogg and .flac. I would suggest .ogg or .wav since Panda3D can load those without relying on ffmpeg in 1.9.0. Avoid .mp3 like the plague if you don’t want to pay up lots of royalties.

That’s good to know, at least I can continue with a peace of mind.

I saw it on this page of the manual, that comes with v1.8.1:


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll stick to .wav and .ogg files.

Should I edit out that point if it’s really outdated?