OpenAL or Gamecoda integration to panda


Are you a lone programmer with a passion for high quality audio? Do you watch Star Trek in 5.1?

Help us integrate OpenAL or Gamecoda into panda…

If you have any idea of how to do it please sende me an email

Right now the sound system in Panda is designed to possibly support multiple backends. It already supports MILES or FMOD and would not be difficult to support OpenAL as well. You’d just need to wrap it. That being said, I actually looked into wrapping OpenAL for Panda this year because I wanted to do 5.1 sound, but discovered that FMOD can do 5.1. It wasn’t well implemented and there were several bugs, but I just went ahead and fixed it up. The new C++ code I wrote is part of the latest release. All that is missing is the improved I’m not sure how it got lost, but I’ll find it this evening when I can get to a computer that has it and check it in and link to it here.

That’s not in the newest release? Because I know I commited it for you. I probably just forgot to tell Josh to tag it for a new release. It should just be a matter of telling him that the version on HEAD should be part of 1.0.x

yeah, I just checked. It’s in the sourceforge repository but it isn’t in the 1.0.4 release. I noticed when I checked the updated epydocs which it also isn’t it, obviously.


The manual says Panda3d uses the ‘Free’ FMOD sound library.

(Maybe mistakenly)Reading the fine print, FMOD is closed source and cost a $1000.00 bucks a commercial release.

Now, I got nothing against the boys at FMOD making a buck, but I am not
interested in games so much as little 3d hacks for presentations and such.

I “usually” get paid for my work, but I can’t spend a $1000. bucks! Seems like a way to go broke real fast. I don’t charge anywhere near that for the stuff I do.

If I adopt panda3d, I gotta come up with an OSS or ALSA sound lib! Maybe
we could compare notes.


I read about Panda3D 1.1 somewhere on this forum. I would like to plead with the developer team to make an openAL option for Panda3D 1.1.

[The rest is rambles. You may ignore]

If I am not mistaken, Panda3D already can use different sound engines. So I imagine writing one for openAL would not be that difficult. I am very new to this engine - I found it today. Already I have begun development and am impressed. However after finding out that Panda3D uses Fmod or Miles, I stopped dead in my tracks. Come on. I can buy a commercial engine for 2000 USD. That’s what I would have to pay for Fmod. Miles gives you a 5 buck discount on that. Huh?! I’d try and make something myself. Though I stay far from MS compilers. So I don’t know if that’ll go with the Panda3D build process. If this engine had support for openAL or audiere or insert-fav-OS-sound-enigne-here, it would make it probably the one and only working complete open source complete game engine. OK it’s true, there is the Quakes. Those are old hat though.

Thank you. Danke sehr. Gracias. Domo arigatougozaimasu. Ok that’s all the languages I know so I’ll stop there. I think you all get the point.

Oh and if someone has done this already, may get the code or point me to it? Many thanks!