Open egg files under Ubuntu

Hi all,

I have recently known about this wonderful 3D engine and I have started working with the tutorials. In order to do some tests, I would need to be able to open the .egg files provided with the tutorials in a 3d modelling application (such as Blender) to do some modifications and them save them back as egg. I have learnt that there are some plugins which can be used for this, but it seems that they only can “export” the models, but they are not able to “import” the models. Do you know of some workaround or application able to open .egg files in Ubuntu?

Thanks for your help,


Hmm, you might be able to re-convert them with Panda’s egg2x command-line tool, assuming Blender can open .x files.

There’s also egg2dxf, but that loses a lot of information (dxf isn’t very robust), and egg2flt, but that’s a pretty obscure file format (Multigen Creator). egg2maya is the most robust of all, but it is a proprietary and expensive file format, and I doubt Blender supports it.


I didn’t know about these command tools! I will try them.

Many thanks for your help!