Welcome to Open-Driving-3D

Its quite basic right now.
I plan to eventually have AI traffic. Anyway, here are some screenshots:

The controls are in the readme.

Here’s the download:
0.03 … 2658191630
0.04 … 9310826122

GitHub page:


Version 0.02 has been released!

In this version, you can now:

Change between Reverse, Neutral, and Drive.

Turn the car on and off


The new version is out.

Version 0.03 has some new features:

New ground texture.

There is now a parking brake.

You can now reset the car.

Version 0.04 should hopefully be out next week.

Also, does anyone know how to find out the speed of the car?

I hope you don’t mind, I got a bit bored and tried the demo in my pipeline :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice :slight_smile:

Hi. The latest version is now out. Sorry it took so long, I hadn’t been working on it that much.

Anyway, here are some new features:

Interior with working steering wheel.



Some basic sounds.

Hope you enjoy.

0.05 is out! Plus there is now a sourceforge page:

New features:


You can change the time.

You can change the ground texture.


May I suggest using anything but sourceforge?

Thanks for the link. Looks like I’ll be finding a new code host. Too bad, I kinda liked sourceforge.

I’ve now moved to GitHub:

Well, here’s the new version.

Some of the new features are:

Rev counter.


You can take screenshots.

You can get it at the GitHub page:

Have fun.


It’s been around a year since I last released a new version of this driving sim. But I’ve started work on it again, and just released version 0.07:

I fixed a problem with the steering resetting.

I improved the RPM simulation.

I added a speedometer.

You can get it here:

I know it looks terrible, and it sounds terrible, but please remember that this is just a very early release. And please, some feedback would be nice :slight_smile:


I tried this. It’s very cool. It took me a while to figure out I needed to hold down x to start it up but I’m a bit dense at the best of times. When I accelerate the car takes off into the air, I can’t drive on the road. As you can see in this screencap.

Yeah, that’s a problem that needs to be fixed… But if you accelerate slowly it shouldn’t take off. I will see if I can get the bug fixed sometime soon. This project still needs a lot of work, though.

Ok, I’ve done a sort of temporary fix. I changed the car to front wheel drive, and now it shouldn’t take off.

Hope you enjoy.

I have a suggestion to make this game better:

  1. the sound of the car is not natural.
    in order to make it natural, you need to
  2. have different sounds for different rpms, and an idle sound
  3. when the start sound finished playing, loop the idle sound, and when we open the engines thrust, the sounds for different rpms should be played, and the last sound should be faded out slowly, and this is the same when we left the throttle pedal, unntill the car comes to idle
  4. another sound for shutting the engine off, this is easy to implement and i won’t explain it. but in short, you will stop the looping idle sound, then play the shut off sound.