OnyxShard - action/rpg dungeon crawl

Hey everyone, here is our long worked on game since WhiteWash. The game is OnyxShard, and as the post title suggests its a action/rpg dungeon crawl, implementing a real-time combo battle system against undead mobs (so far only managed to finish the mummy ones though…and no special bosses either I was bummed…). Took quite a few months for me and my friend to make this (including all the art…and we’re not really artists…) for a final school project. Here’s a quick trailer I put together…


here are all of the game’s source files (I know…we’re crazy right…):

the files are kind of a mess…but just call main.py to get everything going. Hope it works on all ur linux rigs (yeah thats right…windows dev here lol). btw…thanks to Thomas’ cuboid submission I was finally able to figure out how to fix the “bug” that wouldn’t let some computers run the game (the one where their windows comp gl renderer sux/doesn’t exist)…knew what the problem was but not how to fix it (we just labeled it as a system requirement ^^)…but that fix isn’t in the current source build yet.

Play around with the game a bit and let me know what you think. It is controller accessable, so if you have a USB controller try using it. If not its a good idea to download the documentation for the user manual to get all the keyboard controls (unless you just want to press buttons until you figure them all out). There are still a few bugs here and there, but overall its a stable build. The overall “balancing” of the game needs work too…but be prepared to spend hours playing to really see that. The camera/movement specifics are still in the works as well (i just can’t find the happy medium).

Any comments and suggestions are great…but to us its a finished project that is behind graduating and getting a job…so it may take some time for the updates to actually happen for awhile.


This is actually quite cool. I like it.

The idea reminds me of a game i made:


Except it was inside a pyramid instead of tower and was 2d and was MMORPG :slight_smile: