OnScreenImage in new window

I’m working on an application with three windows (for 3 monitors). Each window has it’s own display region and camera. This works fine. I need to put a 2D texture with see-through on each window. For the middle display that’s no problem because I can just use OnScreenImage. Does anybody know how to put a texture (using OnScreenImage for example) on the other 2 extra windows ?

This page should give you some hints:

Basic idea: one scene graph per camera, one camera per display region and one display region per window.

You’ll need to create a render2d equivalent for each of the other two windows, and then parent your OnscreenImage to those nodes.

Since you don’t have to use the mouse to interact with the other two windows (or at least, you don’t mention needing that), it’s a little bit easier–you don’t need to create a PGTop node, just a render2d and a camera. The easiest way to get these is something like this:

win2Render2d = NodePath('win2Render2d')
win2Cam2d = base.makeCamera2d(mywin2)

There are also additional examples in the forums.


Thank you, David. This solved the problem.