onscreen user interface?


I am new to this program and have done very little in python. I have looked around the forums and from the post I’ve been able to do the Roaming Ralph with WASD and mouse point click movement. In this I made the change to it taking Ralph out and putting a small airplane in his place. I have done a few other simple things like this one with other models and environments. What I would like to know is the following.

Is there a way to put in a basic user interface? Like in FPS or MMOs the Health, Mana, Ammo, and EXP bars. Things like an inventory screen that pops up when I is pressed or a Map on M. I understand the key mapping and how to make keys user definable. I did find that info in the post.

Now in the manual I found the section on DirectGUI and the part in it about Objects and buttons. Would this be what I need to follow to make a HUD and user interface with the options I want?

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Yes, DirectGUI is the way to create a basic onscreen user interface. Be prepared for this to take a fair amount of work though.

There was a game (Airblade) that was showing the usual range of GUI stuff made with DirectGUI:

  • game menu
  • HUD (visor and healthmeter)

I don’t know if it still exists in latest panda version though.

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Code work in general is tons of work but it is the heart and soul of the game. No game even with the best graphics would be worth anything without good code to make it work.

What about using one of the GUI toolkits or widgets / Tkinter. Are there any modules that are pre-built and ready to put in the python code?

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