Only Main Character having shadows

Hi there,

I just realized that only my main character is throwing shadows and none of my environment does. I made some floating stones:
No shadow to see.
The code that loads the parts of my track where none is showing any shadow is:
Shadowmap etc is initialized in the main part and works fine for the characters:


This seems to have been an angle issue only. dlights seem to perform very bad in angles close to 90°.
But this shadow on the left still looks bad to me and it does not change no matter what the angle is.

Looking at that, I suspect that Panda takes the “draw the object inside-out” approach to shadow-mapping, and that your object doesn’t have geometry on its bottom (which would be exposed if the object were drawn inside-out). If I’m correct, simply adding a bottom-face to the block should fix it.

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Yes, this did it. Thank you

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