Online browser applications

Hey guys I’m googling already for awhile to make it possible to put some python aplications into my html pages. I’m totally clueless how I should do this. But yeah since this isnt a forum dedicated to browser aplications I suppose I can’t ask extensive questions about this.

Anyways, before I’m gonna waste my precious time:
Is it even possible to use the panda3D technology inside a browser like silverlight does with normal python aplications?

Either you need to develop a browser plugin, or, you could let your main window render into texture on the server, and keep passing the image every frame to the browser. Not sure how the performance would be, though.

This question has been asked before:

:frowning: Hmm well I’m 100% sure that something like that would only lead to more fps loss. I think I will pass on this one. Maybe I will try this in the future when I’m bored.

Now I must search for some kind of forum or site that helps me making browser aplications. :unamused:

Ty pro-rsoft for clearing things up :wink:

FYI, one of our near-term goals is to make Panda work as a browser plugin. It’s not there yet, but one day it will be.


Thats interesting maybe I underestimated Panda3D…
Although it’s pretty difficult to get a python app into your browser.
I’ve been googling whole day, I even played around with silverlight…

PS: silverlight is a pain in the ass… :imp:

I’m not aware of any good free engines that support running in a browser window. If you’re willing to use a relatively inexpensive commercial engine that already supports this, I recommend Unity3D.

You might also consider doing your development in Panda anyway, and trusting that by the time you finish your game, Panda will support running in a browser.

Otherwise, have fun playing with Silverlight. :slight_smile:


Thanks I will check that engine out :wink: