OncreenText Not Doing Anything

I don’t know why but suddenly my text no longer appears when I use onscreenText. The text of other python scripts doesn’t work either, so I really think it is my computer or panda installation. What is bothering me is that it worked perfectly fine before. I did install v1.5.0, so maybe this might be causing it?

Whatever the problem may be, you guys have any idea what may be causing this? There’s no error message so I wouldn’t know where to begin, except uninstalling, then reinstalling which I’ve tried once already.

I even tried to just do a simple one like the one in the manual:

from direct.gui.OnscreenText import OnscreenText
textObject = OnscreenText(text = 'my text string', pos = (-0.5, 0.02), scale = 0.07)

but got nothing.

EDIT: This is only bothering me because I think there may be a problem with my installation or something that may cause more problems along the way. That would just be horrendous, now wouldn’t it.

That code works fine here (Also 1.5.0). Black text against a grey background. Are you sure it isn’t something simple like you forgot to call run() or so, or set the background color the same as the text color?

I’m positive. This code used to work perfectly fine before, but suddenly stopped working. Hmm, good thing it’s not that important… Hopefully I can figure this out before I need it.

Edit: I don’t know why or what was causing the problem, but removing the extra libraries in site-packages fixed the problem… I’ll install them one at a time to see which one was causing the problem.