Omega-13 Engine Packager

I’m proud to announce that I’m beginning a new part of the Omega-13 engine which will actually be constructed before other parts of the engine. It will be written in Adobe AIR/Flex. Building on-top of the new panda3d browser plugin. It will create really easy menus and mange the download and running of p3d files. It will also later contain server-side python scripting for passing multiplayer information to and from Flex. There will also be extremely easy to create a downloadable version of your game with the AIR version of the packager. For more information and updates visit:

The packager will also play cutscenes and will support h.265 and Flash Video

As a proof of concept I have released version 0.0.1 and packaged the Airblade demo with it. It seems to work well other then both it and the airblade demo on this site for me at least seem to have a problem in the mouse controls. If there is a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it. You are welcome to try packaging your own apps with it. Would greatly appreciate any input. The next version should include the menu builder and the one after that should support multiple .p3d files

The demo is here(simply right click for the flex source code):

Downloaded the packager for your game here:
Simply put your .p3d file in the Panda3d folder and add the reference to your file in the omega13wrapper.html

More information about the demo and the packager is here

[Some stuff i should not have said.]

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Sorry to get you upset. I apologize and would like to retract my statement.

It is alright … thank you… if you do have an alternative way of doing this it would love to hear it

I have released the new version of the Packager. I am releasing it will a few less features then I had planned because the new version of Adobe Flex was released so I am rewriting the whole plugin in Flash Builder 4(formerly Flex Builder). Due to problems with the Flex-Iframe project I am no longer wrapping the plugin inside if flex but instead Flex and the plugin are in two separate iframes that are switched between. It includes a new video player which can play mpeg 4 and/or FLV files. Feel free to take a look the next version should be actually usable for projects as it will include a finished menu and the ability to include multiple P3D files for each level. It will also include a Python API for the P3Ds to pause and quit and inform the Flex layer that a level is finished.

View a demo of version 0.0.2 here:

Download it here:

cool idea but I’d rather use JavaScript, more user dependencies get nasty.

The point is to generate a unified system that is browser independent… Javascript just can’t do half the things Flex can… such as render video and audio with out need for an additional plugin (I know HTML5 can do this but again all the browsers use different encoding standards). The idea is if the user has Flash and the Panda3D Plugin installed their Browser and OS shouldn’t matter at all. Also given that Flash has 98% penetration I’m not to worried about users not having it. I hopefully will be getting back to the project soon if there is a demand for it

The download link above is dead the packager can be downloaded here: …