OMAPELI: An action RPG in a medieval fantasy world

Hello, hello and welcome! :man_mage:

It is already a while now (~3 months) that I have been working on my dream game, Omapeli, full time, using Panda3D. Actually, the initial git commit is from May 2020. From there on, it has been a few changes here and there and months long inactivity while focusing on other matters. But now, it is full steam on! :steam_locomotive:

So Omapeli will be 3D action RPG game with magic, setting in a medieval fantasy world. The idea is to have quests and a main story line, fighting, crafting and so on. Something between Valheim and Elder Scrolls but with my own twist. Tech-wise, I’ll be using parametric models to create all the visible geometry and then procedural generation to then create the world. Procedural stuff can be a little hit or miss but if I put all my soul in it so maybe it turns out alright :sweat_smile:

A pretty big piece to chew for a solo developer with no serious gamedev experience. I try to keep it feasible. My aims are to make and release a good game that I would enjoy playing, and in the end, hopefully make enough money to stay afloat financially. Fun but risky business.

I have been documenting the development process in Twitter (
and Youtube ( There also is an Itch page ( but that is quite basic still.

Now working with Panda3D for a while now I think it is overall an excellent game engine / framework. It clicks with me really well with its API design and I have found the manual extremely useful.


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