Old School Vertext Paint

Is it possible to support “vertext paint” ie, color attributes being stored on the vertex data. Im trying to emulate older looks and they used simple geometry and color.

My test with eggs didnt go well yet! The model just appeared as white. I cant of course just export white and set the data in code but id rather use modelling software and store the data in the data format.

Yeah, I figured it out. In the egg syntax you can use the RGBA attribute value but that didnt get apply with yabee in 3.6. Ill look into this and if needed submit a pr.

Submitted PR.


@Maxwell175 unfortunately I was not thorough enough, i forgot that when youa rent vertex painting, there is no color attribute in the attributes dict. I now do a null check for that. Please check this out asap or current yabee users on master will be broken if they are not vertex painting. Sorry about this.

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Merged I’ll look over your last PR and properly clean up the history and make a proper release hopefully after this weekend as I am currently on a trip and have subpar testing capabilities.

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No problem at all. I have a branch im working on with simple diffuse shader support. Hipe thats okay.

Nice! Feel free to PR when you get there. :+1:

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