so as in when i click the mouse it goes to the next slide or makes noise or whatever

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def make_noise():
    """Make a noise."""


Except don’t do base.accept, subclass DirectObject. Read the manual.

Ok what if I want to make it when you click the next button.

You mean as in the right button?

You know, there’s this wonderful phenomenon around called The Manual, you will find all this basic information you need there.

About mouse button event names, check this page:

I don’t know what you mean by the next button. Are you talking about an onscreen button? In that case you need to look at the DirectButton example in the manual. You need to go through the manual, slowly, and you need to provide much more information when you ask a question.

Oh, I finally understand the topic, you mean an “ok” button?
If so, please take a look at DirectButton:

I’d kindly request you to read relevant manual parts or looking through previous posts before you ask here at the forums.

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abbxy, can you please post more understandable posts?