OGG sounds popping noise

I am playing a OGG sound file that is 35 seconds long. When I play and stop for the first time it sounds fine. However every time I play and stop the sound after that there is a popping noise at the start and most the time when stopping.
If I let the OGG file finish playing then play it again there is no popping noise.
I converted it to WAV format and it does not have this issue.
I tested on another computer and it does the same thing.
I am using OpenAl.

Is there any settings I can set to correct this?

Does this only happen on Linux?

Both the machines I tested are on Linux.

Maybe somebody else has a better idea about this issue in your specific case, but I read about a month ago in the Ubuntu pages that this is an open issue in general.

Please open an issue in the issue tracker and post the exact version and installation method of Panda you are using, and upload the ogg file.

Thanks, I have submitted the issue:

I did a test in Windows 10 and it is doing the same thing, I added a comment to the issue.

Im on W7. Yeah, the .ogg pops when it starts replaying and the .wav doesnt.
And the popping sounds when you stop playing something are normal I think. I hear them in other media players, videos on YT everywhere.