Offsetting graphics- Panda, in egg, or in model?

I am sorry to keep asking stupid things but I cant find the answer and all my guesses just give “this name has not been defined” or “This object does not have the property . . .”

When one has a graphic in gui that is a 2d, and it is being rendered at it the center of the gui but in reality you need to change it to top left corner, etc- where do we make that offset change?

This is in relation to this code: My gui now displays deadcenter in the corner so you only get the upper left corner of the png. I searched the forum for offset and so it mentioned several times but never saw and example, nor did I find one in the manual.


#plane5.setPos(-1.2, 0, -.88) 

plane5.setScale(0.25, 1, 0.25)

JB SKaggs

Nevermind I found it in: … te_Changes

specifically to move an element in a relative turn is simply:

element.setPos(element, x, y, z)

in my case:

plane6.setPos(plane6, -0.2, 0, 0.2)

JB Skaggs