offscreen particles

i am using particles to visualize the forcefield of a magnet in my game.
this magnet stays at a fixed position.
its pretty big (scale=40).
the problem now is, that particles are rendered only, when their center is in the cameraview.
look at this video to see whats happening…

is there a way to solve this? or should i just use another mehod for the visualization. maybe animated cards or so.


This is a minor bug in our particle renderer. Workarounds include rendering smaller particles, or disabling culling on the particle’s root render node.



how do i disable culling on that particular node?



just a not for other users:
you should be careful with the use of omniboundingvolumes, because they can really give you a big performancehit. they are calculated, no matter if your camera can see them or not.
i set up 50 omniboundingvolume-nodes and they killed my game.

but no problem for me, because normally i dont use that much.

thanks drwr!