Offline version of the panda3d manual

Is there an offline version of the panda3d manual? All I see on the download page is the python api reference but I was hoping I could get my hands on a .pdf of the manual so that I can view it in case my internet connection cuts out

Searching online I found this:

It may be a bit outdated however.

Thanks, I was hopping for an official doc but this is sufficient enough. Thanks again.

Wow, that is a very outdated document.

You can download a more up-to-date version of the manual from the 1.9.4 download page:

Oh ok cool thanks. I didn’t realize that was an option. I assume the latest doc will be available when the manual page for the current version is finished, correct?

Yes, we are working on migrating the manual to a new system, Sphinx. This is a high priority for us. The new system will allow us to more easily produce downloadable manuals as well.

Alright, I really appreciate you updating me on this, I was wondering what was going on.