offline documentation?

The wiki is great and all, but I don’t have a constant network connection. Is there somewhere I can download a zipped archive of the HTML docs for 1.7.2? The tutorial-style manual as well as the API reference.

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It’s hidding under the ‘other’ link on the download page…maybe there should be a ‘doc’ section in the download area or at the manual/reference page?

Thanks, that’s a great help! I had been hoping to try developing my idea in Multiverse so it would be MMO-ready, but Panda3D is much more accessible in terms of getting something to work without a couple days of … let’s call it incantations … and possibly sacrificing a few small animals to the dark gods Mysql, Config, and Ipnat. I’ll just have to “settle for” a LANparty style multiplayer experience ala Neverwinter Nights or $fps_franchise - assuming it ever gets to a deployable stage to begin with.

Of course, there is PotC Online so I know it can be done in Panda…

… in any case, I have little more than concept sketches and a few notes on how gameplay should work at this point, so there’s aproximately a Mighty Royal Crap-Ton of things to think about first.

I see from teh wiki (and the lack of it in the packge) that the scene editor has been deprecated in the current version - has any work been done to update/replace that? Placing a world’s worth of objects via Python code editing does not seem like it would be anyone’s idea of a fun time. Or, can maps be built in a dedicated 3D suite (Blender) and exported without turning each instance of, say, giant_tree2 into a new game object?

I know, I know, OSS project: “Hey, that’s a great idea, dNN! You get right on that!” I’m not terribly hot with coding (give me an API reference and a working start point and I can fake it, usually, with enough time and… incantations - student level skills at best) or I would.

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