(Off Topic) I need help to recover a lost CD key

I’m sorry this post isn’t Panda related. I didn’t know who else to ask, but I thought the people here would be most likely to know the answer. I hope nobody minds.

My 10 year old niece is a big fan of the Sims, she even installed it on my own computer so that she could play it when she visits me. Recently, her Mother’s computer had to have its hard drive replaced, so everything needs to be reinstalled.

Unfortunately, she has lost the manual which has the CD key on it. She is very distressed, and I was just wondering, was the CD key recorded somewhere on my own computer when she installed it on my machine, and is there anyway to access and recover it?

Thanks for any advice.

hi tiptoe,

to be honest i don’t think there is a legal way to get the key. i shall have a look for you. working in a IT department means there are a lot of tools at my disposal.

if i manage to find anything out i will let oyu know


you might need to contact the Sims publisher. they might be able to help you, if you have the original CD. they should provide some support in that regard.



Thanks folks. Yes, this is a legal, fully paid for copy (I bought it for her for Christmas). I was just hoping that perhaps the CD key had been recorded in my computer’s registry or somewhere when the game was installed.

Thanks for the help.

Yap, it might be store in ur computer as long as you can still play the game. Contact the support.