Just a little something im working on at the moment to assist me in constructing Composite objects for use with Ode. The Idea is to export all the geom data to file for people to use with there own frameworks. or to create an odeActor class for the framework im currently working on.
Ive got to say it aint to pretty due to the fact that I ended up using directgui instead of pyQT as there servers didnt like me :frowning:.
Oh that and the fact I was too lazy to learn Wx. :slight_smile:

Also a big thanks to Ferriswolf for his wiregeom code.

visual appearance aside, this sure is a nice and useful utility. keep working on it! and, once it’s feature-complete… brush it up a bit :slight_smile:

Awesome, this is going to make life much much easier. You should move this to “Panda Features in Development”.

Ok just uploaded a mid alpha release for people to play around with.
havent really got time to go into too much detail.

-decent camera controls(currently using default pview controls) they suck!
-split screen 3 way axis view
-edit body direction for cylinder and capsule bodys(currently set at 1)
-body density edit
-ray vectors
-collision and category bit masks for each geom
-the ability to enter pos and rotation value of geoms manually

Known bug:

  • main window will lose focus after using tkinker file dialogs
    -current geom highlighting gets screwed up sometime
    -cursor position is not reported until body has been created
    -transparent and wire-mode buttons sometimes need pressing twice after A ‘TEST’
    -Editor will crash if you SAVE/LOAD/TEST/CREATE CLASS/
    EXPORT without 1)a model loaded 2)a Body 3)at least 1
    collision geom. as I havnt put a checking function in yet.
    -DUPLICATE GEOM doesnt work properly at the moment DONT USE IT!!!

Basic instructions:
-Smiley is your cursor
-Body is blue
-Current geom is green
-other geoms are red
-F1 for help
-load a model file with FILE - MODEL
-create a body MAIN MENU - BODY.
edit body if needed with edit.
Create and edit geoms from main menu which will be created
at the current cursor position with the same HPR.
Test it with FILE - TEST
Save/Load at FILE
CLASS will create a subclass of my frameworks odemultiactor.py(look at framework folder) for use with my framework.
EXPORT creates a odeEditorCustomExporter class and runs
this is a template class for people to place there own export code within.

included are a few demos you can load up and test.


Data Stuctures are basically a set of parralel lists for the geoms.
and a bodytype string
and masslist


P.S almost forgot ive been running and testing this on 1.7.1 windows 7 32bit

This is the simplest (for the coder) camera controls I could think of:
[orbiting camera controls)
Also you can just have the cameras y position as 0 to get a first person camera.
I dont like pviews controls either, mainly because the Roll value can be changed.

Cheers Anon, I’ll be sure to uses it.
Also forgot to mention that at the moment the model file paths created are absolute paths.

just edited and reuploaded the demos because of this. Doh! :slight_smile:

Hey Jedi, do you need any help with a wx ui for this?