ODE collision detection error

I had pyode installed on Ubuntun 8.04 using the debian package abtained from apt source.
Creation of space geoms goes well with geombox, geomsphere… except for geomtrimesh.
I also tested geomtrimesh on ms windows machines, and it is ok.
has anyone encountered the same problem?

By the way, when I try to gettriangle with a newly created geomtrimesh on my ubuntu hardy.
hints are like this:

python: /build/buildd/ode-0.9.dfsg/GIMPACT/src/gim_trimesh.cpp:183: void gim_trimesh_locks_work_data(GIM_TRIMESH*): Assertion `res==0' failed.

Looking forward to your help:(

Could anyone help me?
Or you do not understand my poor english?
Looking for help!:(help help!

Unless you are using Panda’s ODE integration, this seems very much like an ODE problem. Try in their IRC channel, in their mailing list or forums.

yea, but it seems that it had been a long time since last release of PYODE.
People say that it is a problem of ODE itself running on AMD64…
Although mine is a 32 operation system running on dual-64 processor, maybe there is still something wrong