Ode body near the real model


I wish to use ode, and create body the most possible near of the real model.

It seems that trimesh is the good way to do.

trimeshData = OdeTriMeshData( nodePathOfMyModel, True )  

But it seems you can’t affect a mass to an trimesh body?

And without a Mass, the ode object has not really sense…

Can you help me?

You have no ODE body here in your code, only an ODE geom. A geom by itself can only be used as a static object such as terrain.
You must assign it to a body with geom.setBody if you want it to simulate. Mass is set on the body with body.setMass, not on the geom.
Be careful though if using trimesh as a simulated object, it is very slow compared to the other geom types.

Ok, it is the point.
I un derstand my mistake.

I will use trimesh only for usefull use.

Thank you