octreefy a mesh in an egg file?

Im wondering if theres a script for Blender or egg files to octreefy collision objects in a file with visible geometry, in other words not have to use separate egg files for collisions.

And what does not suit eggoctree in chicken? Or do you mean octreefy a separate group in the file and not the entire file?

yes, thats what I said:

As i known, eggoctree octreefy entire file, that may contain visible and collision geometry together. But if you want, i think it’s possible to change the script to work with the named group.

Yes, I know. Thats why Im asking.

Actually, there are 2 buttons
“make Octree” and “Collision Octree”. Maybe this is for this purpose. Lethe might know.

No - it’s used different settings for octreefy the visible and the collision geometry, wich changed by this buttons.


“Usage: egg-octreefy [args] [-o outfile.egg] infile.egg [infile.egg…]
-h display this
-v verbose
-l list resulting egg file
-n number of triangles per leaf (default 512, 3 if -c)
-r maximum recursion depth (default 4, 32 if -c)
[color=green]-c prepares the output for collision use rather than rendering”

# Default parameters - feel free to edit if you want different defaults...
global defaultMaxNumber, defaultMaxNumberCollision, defaultMaxRec, defaultMaxRecCollision
defaultMaxNumber = 512
defaultMaxNumberCollision = 3
defaultMaxRec = 4
defaultMaxRecCollision = 32

“Collision Octree” button is used as “-c” arg

Oh, so youre saying one is used to split the meshes into parts and the other is used to split meshes into parts and optimize for collisions?
I assumed “Collision Octree” was the same, but only processed meshes set up for collisions in blender. Too bad