obj2egg.py and 3ds2egg.py

Hello everyone,

my problem is easy. I have a .obj file and a .3ds file and I want to convert one of these to a .egg.
I tried to use obj2egg.py and 3ds2egg.py but it doesn’t work very well. Some parts are transparent as you can see in these two view of the object :


Is it really a conversion problem ? And if it is, does anyone know another converter ?

Thank you,

bad normals?

Where are those scripts anyway? (especially the obj2egg)

I found obj2egg.py here.

[treeform's obj2egg <bug hunt>)

I found other versions of this script, but none of them worked.

Do you have any suggestion to help me solve my problem ?


Again, are you sure your normals are correct in the original file? Can you upload a sample file?

I solved my problem. It was a problem with the Backface Culling :
panda3d.org/manual/index.php … ce_Culling

If it helps someone…

And thanks for helping me.