.obj file not loading textures in executable file

I created a executable file for my game but the textures aren’t loading it’s just white.
Works okay normally but not in the executable file.

from setuptools import setup

        'build_apps': {
            'gui_apps': {
                'Chess': 'Lv4.py',

            # Set up output logging, important for GUI apps!
            'log_filename': '$USER_APPDATA/Chess/output.log',
            'log_append': False,

            # Specify which files are included with the distribution
            'include_patterns': [

            # Include the OpenGL renderer and OpenAL audio plug-in
            'plugins': [
            'platforms': ['win_amd64']

Do you see any errors in your log-file? (Or in the terminal, if your game runs from a command-line?)

No error in log file.

… I saw your first reply; you didn’t need to delete it and re-post it. :/


I suppose that it’s worth checking: When you open the folder for your executable build, do you find the textures? And if so, are they in their correct places?

And would you be willing to share one of your models, please? That way we might check whether there are any problems there.

If not, then could you perhaps put together a small demonstrative program? I’m thinking of something that just loads and displays a simple (included) cube-model, and that shows the same issue that you’re seeing. That might allow us to examine the problem more easily.