Now the Scene Editor is gone...

I wan’t to make a scene in Blender and then export it to Panda3D, but how do I set up collisions and stuff?
Of some objects in my scene, I don’t want them to collide with the character the player will play with.

How can I do this without having to do too much work (I have many, many different scenes with alot of objects in them)

Thanks in advance

  • Fenryl

One trick might be to using some naming conventions for the nodes you want to have special properties, for instance “ghost_whatever” for any node that you don’t want the avatar to collide with. Then you can write a special function to load models for you, and call this function instead of loader.loadModel(). This function will load the model normally, then search for any nodes named “ghost_*” and set its collision mask to 0.


Thanks for reply,

Is it possible to give some exmaple code for this? If you have the time… ofcourse

def myLoadModel(modelName):
    model = loader.loadModel(modelName)
    if model:
        for ghost in model.findAllMatches('**/ghost*').asList():
    return model

hey thanks :slight_smile: